Promotional Products FAQ

The promotional product market has changed drastically over the last couple of years with many #brands and companies not only seeing these items as mere #giveaways anymore but now starting to realize they are an integral part of the #marketingmix.

A major part of promotional products’ success for a #brand lies in the quality of the branding applied to such a product. And unfortunately this is an area that is neglected by distributors and customers alike, which often leads to poor quality delivered products and unhappiness on many fronts.

These unfortunate situations can be avoided with quality #artwork and proper #planning.

There are however many questions around artwork for promotional product production from both distributors and #customers.

Having had to assist many customers in correcting competitor mistakes and answering many questions around the uncertain area of artwork, Entrepo has put together a FAQ document which should answer most of your artwork questions and that will guide you to procure and receive higher quality #promotionalproducts.



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