Effectiveness of Promotional Items – Part 3

With Part 3 we now reach the second half of our series on the Effectiveness of Promotional Items.

We now start looking at the practical aspects, things that should be kept in mind when you start to execute your promotional plan. This is where the excitement starts as we now start looking at the physical elements, those elements that will contribute to creating a lasting memory in the minds of your captive market.

Choosing the Right Promotional Item

If the benefits outweigh the drawbacks or shortcomings of promotional merchandise for your organization, you will want to consider your options. But how can you choose the most relevant merchandise items to promote your business?

Entrepo offers the following suggestions:

1. Items that you giveaway should be gifts consumers can use as they are making decisions related to the products or services you provide. You want your organization to be on the tip of their tongues when the discussion turns to their relevant organizational needs.
2. Your promotional products should not only support your marketing message but also set your organization apart from the others.
3. Look for ways to personalize your promotional products. Whilst you certainly want to share your logo and other pertinent information, your target audience want to see their name, more than anything else. Branding your giveaway merchandise with both your visual identity as your customer’s name can get the item noticed and earn a place of honour in the user’s daily activities.
4. Invest I promotional products that offer lasting usability. The greater the shelf life of the item you are giving away, the greater the return on your investment.
5. Choose items that are perceived by your audience to be of high value, likely a higher perceived value than acheter viagra you are paying.
6. Make sure the items you order are quality products and know that the quality of the gifts will remain an enduring reflection of your organization.

In order to realize success, it is important to first define your objectives of your initiative. Why are you giving something away? What is your promotional products budget and the number of products you wish to purchase? In addition, you’ll always consider your organization’s brand ensuring that your giveaway is aligned with your brand, theme or focus of what you are promoting.

We suggest the following practical do’s and dont’s.

• Use colours that are eye catching.
• Ensure the colours compliment your brand but stand out.
• Choose a freebie that can be used all year and is not season specific.
• Use top performers.

• Choose a product that will be stored in a drawer or cupboard.
• Make your gift too personal.
• Have only one type of promotional product, consider getting a mix of items.
• Hand out cheap looking gifts.
• Make short-lasting products or one-time-use items.

By approaching your promotional products from a strategic perspective, you stand to strengthen your brand, build relationships with recipients and potentially pave the way for future business.

In our conclusion in Part 4 next week, we will look at some statistical elements. Do your target market really remember your message? What are the most popular items? What is your consumers’ response to receiving a promotional item?

These and many other interesting questions will be answered with statistics, which will give us a final insight in the Effectiveness of Promotional Items. Sweater

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