Effectiveness of Promotional Items – Part 2

TopFollowing the introduction to the Effectiveness on Promotional Items in Part 1, this week we look at the advantages, disadvantages, perceptions, planning challenges and product limitations of promotional items.

These points are vitally important to properly plan and execute your promotional campaign to ensure you receive maximum exposure for your marketing rand’s spent.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Promotional Products

No promotional solution provides all the answers and this is true of promotional products as well as other advertising channels.

Experts say there are a number of advantages to using promotional products, among them:
– There are a wide variety of options, so chances are good you can find a promotional product that will be of interest to your audience, while still relevant to the products or viagra best buy reviews services your organization provides.
– Research shows customers and potential customers enjoy receiving free gifts.
– Promotional products can be used for a variety of purposes.
– Buying in bulk lowers the cost per impression – the more you buy, the better your return on possible investment.
– Promotional products can have a far higher value than their actual cost. Someone seen wearing your logo or tagline on a hat or shirt, in essence becomes a walking billboard for your organization.

No marketing and promotion solution is right for everyone. Organizations must also consider the potential shortcomings or downfalls if promotional items are used incorrectly.

Product Perception

– Items which are cheaply made, fall apart or don’t work may reflect poorly on your organization. It is therefore vital to distribute quality items to ensure a favorable opinion of your organization.
– Items which are not related to your industry or not relevant, may be confusing to the recipient.
– Products with a low perceived value by consumers will likely have less power and influence on purchasing behavior than items with a higher perceived value.
– Styles and trends are ever changing making it important for your organization to deal with a supplier knowledgeable of the latest innovations.

Planning Challenges

To tailor your perfect promotional campaign, there are a number of things to consider.
– To reap the benefits the items need to be distributed. No value will be derived if you don’t have a plan for distribution.
– Reduced pricing typically kicks in when you buy in bulk, so try and adjust budget upward to buy larger quantities which will result in savings over the long run
– Recipients may not hang onto or use the item.
– Because a number of branding options takes time, ordering promotional products on very short notice may not be possible.
– Using the promotional products without a plan for the promotional distribution and measurement of the results can render the entire effort ineffective.

Product Limitations

It is also vital to keep product limitations in mind to ensure you choose the correct product for your campaign.
– It can be challenging to find an appropriate promotional product.
– Some items have limited space for your logo, which might water down your message.
– Some products have a limited shelf life.
– Not all items will influence consumer behavior, making it important to choose a product that will be relevant to the biggest portion of your target audience.

Now that we have looked at the pro’s and con’s to keep in mind when planning a successful promotional campaign, in Part 3 we will look at the do’s and dont’s on choosing the right promotional product for your campaign.

This is the exciting part of any promotional campaign and if this process is executed correctly will ensure that you will find that one item that will add immense value to your brand.

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