Effectiveness of Promotional Items – Part 1


Following a number of questions from customers about the effectiveness of promotional items, we have decided to combine our experience with research and give our existing and future customers an in-depth look on how promotional items can contribute towards the growth of your company.

There is so much information to share, that we have decided to present the information in a four part series of informative posts.

Read our introduction in part one and familiarize yourself with the effectiveness of this underestimated marketing tool.

Marketing and promotions decision makers often face the difficult task of determining how to best spend their promotional rand’s. The outlet or tactic that will give you the biggest bang for your buck is not only difficult to anticipate, but for many business, it seems a shot in the dark.

Will a logo-imprinted pen keep potential clients thinking about you when they use it? Would a logo-printed flash drive help them choose you for their business needs? Will a pullover fleece in your corporate colours, emblazoned with your visual identity pique customer interests?

The wealth of options can be nice to assess, but overwhelming. Research shows many businesses reap long-term rewards because of items that actually arrive in a box: promotional products.

Many may not opt for promotional products as advertising tools, but they have been found to be cost effective in creating brand awareness.

Also known as promotional merchandise, promotional gifts, business gifts or give-a-ways, promotional products are personalized or customized merchandise which companies give away to promote their corporate identity, logo, brand or specific product or service.

These items are often printed with the organization visual identity and perhaps a tagline, slogan or contact information…depending of course on the size of the proverbial canvas.

Promotional items are widely used https://southafricarx.co.za/ and vary greatly, including items such as pens, bottles, caps, clothing, office accessories, outdoors items, technological innovations, event signage and even large, high-value items.

Yet the question remains: when it comes to raising awareness of your brand or business, are promotional products the best way to go. How does the effectiveness of promotional products compare with the expense of other forms of promotion? What are the benefits and the drawbacks of choosing promotional items? And of course, what is the right choice for your and your marketing rand’s?

Following this series of posts we will answer these and many other questions you might have about the effectiveness of promotional items, giving you a good understanding of why and how to use promotional items effectively to build awareness for your brand or company.

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