Do End of Year Corporate Gifts Still Work?

do corporate gifts work

Building a recognizable brand image is challenging at the best of times and with the current economic conditions businesses have to operate under, it has become an almost impossible task to keep and more so gain customer loyalty which assists us to build our brands.

Corporate gifts have always been a traditional part of the marketing mix at this time of year and are historically used very effectively by a number of companies and brands.

However, times have changed and it is clear that we have to think differently about this simple gesture and how we will be using corporate gifts in the marketing mix as an end-of-year spoil.

By combining our marketing experience, creative thinking and lessons learned in the trade and turning them into fresh ideas, we aim to assist you to see the corporate gift market through a different lens with some exciting and implementable ideas.

Not only will we help you with the much-needed mind shift but ultimately we will allow you to enjoy maximum return on investment from your end-of-year gift campaigns.

So before you start spending budget on end-of-year corporate gifts, consider the following fresh ideas

Think Quality Before Quantity
The days of handing out gifts to as many people as possible are over! With limited budgets and logistical constraints such as staff and customers working from home, rather focus on higher-value gifts to a smaller but more important group of staff and customers. Not only will it make them feel more valued but these individuals are most probably the group of people your business is going to need most to recover once we return to normal. 

Pinpoint Targeting If there is one element of the marketing mix that can shoot straight at the heart, it is corporate gifts. Not only can the gift be very personal but the execution and delivery thereof allow for personal interaction that not many marketing elements can provide. No wondering who receives or sees the gift, we know! Multiply your returns by using this most personal gift gesture to not only hone in directly onto your target market but also to enjoy measurable results.

Buy Practical
With ever-shrinking budgets, we can’t afford to give corporate gifts that might end up in a drawer. Rather spend money on items that will be used on a regular basis. Give gifts that can be used in a personal or business capacity and which might even be linked to each other. A quality usable item reflects positively on your brand and harbors trust and respect.

Associative Message What is the first thing we consider when planning a corporate gift campaign? The answer is simple, what products are available? The answer is not necessarily incorrect but have you thought about the message you want to put out there with your gift? Is the pre-chosen gift suitable? Why not decide on your message first and then match a product to your message? This reverse process creates a totally different product message and is assured to create a very different reaction from the receiver.

Driving Sales
YES, you read correctly! You can drive sales through the distribution of corporate gifts. The gift itself is not the sole contributor but rather a combined integration with the Associative Message and electronic platforms at your disposal. Recall and loyalty are normally perceived as the only value derived from handing out corporate gifts. But what if you could convert the recall and loyalty into sales for your organization? And you might even bridge the age-old gap between marketing spend versus sales generated.

Spousal Spoil In most instances gifts are given to the party you have direct interaction within most of your dealings. A party that might already carry good knowledge of what it is you do. Broaden your reach and give a gift to your staff or customer’s spouse instead. This option might sound a bit far-fetched but this action has been proven to not only create loyalty but also massive recall and discussion from not only one but now two parties.

Conference and Logistics
Zoom and Teams meetings are now the norms with online conferences becoming very popular. Create a gift campaign where you have a personalized gift delivered with a carefully managed logistical element before an online meeting or conference with clear instructions to follow. Not only a very personal touch but also a very interactive message to your customer to instill loyalty, recall, and much-needed excitement. 

Create Joy and Laughter Everyone knows that the world is quite a gloomy place right now and we can all do with a bit of a mood lift. Why not choose a product or use a message that will bring a smile to someone’s face? Consumers traditionally support brands that exude positivity, creativity and that make a joyous connection with their emotions. “Are you that brand?”

Social Media
This platform was left for last for a specific reason as the opportunities are endless and the discussions can continue indefinitely. YES, if you were wondering! You can set up a corporate gift campaign to interact with your social media platforms and vice versa. Make the mind switch to use the most powerful of marketing mediums to create magic with the 5R’s of promotional products – REACH – RECALL – RESONANCE – RELATIVITY – REACTION.By changing our mindsets, applying innovative thinking, and utilizing platforms available, your brand can become the brand consumers perceive as desirable, attractive, fun, informative, and useful.

Simply thinking differently or consulting with someone that does, will help you to harness and effectively utilize the five factors to attain marketing success with your end-of-the-year corporate campaign.

“Can you afford not to start thinking differently?”

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